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Mongolia , Monday 27 January 2020

News Mongolia Dornogovi: The Gobi

Published on: Thursday 18 February 2016
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At night galaxies erupt on the domed sky. No wonder it's one of Mongolia's top-draw regions, promising colossal sand dunes, ice-filled canyons, dinosaur fossils, camel treks, and hospitable nomadic ...

News Mongolia Dornogovi: Best Things To Do in Sainshand, Mongolia

Published on: Monday 25 December 2017
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Explore our guide that tells you about the best tourist places to visit and things to do in Sainshand. This guide will give you an idea about the popular attractions, upcoming tourist spots, and ...

News Mongolia Dornogovi: Khamaryn Khiid

Published on: Thursday 21 June 2018
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The main hall at this new-build compound that rises from blonde desert sands is an impressive ger-like structure with a golden tower. It can be reached by the sand-covered path lined with white stupas ...